Castors for a Wide Variety of Applications

Stainless steel castors are counted among the best types of castors around the globe. These castors do not attract stains or succumb to corrosion, unlike other types of castors. Also, these castors offer a wide array of applications, ranging from medical to manufacturing to construction. It is important that castors to be used in extreme and harsh conditions can withstand it without going down on performance.

Choose Castors According to Industry

Considering that these castors carry anti-corrosive and anti-bacterial properties, it makes them an ideal choice for hospitals. These castors come in a wide variety of sizes to suit machinery, trolleys, beds, and equipment. Also, these castors are equipped with a wide variety of wheels for harsh environments like polyurethane wheels, rubber wheels, and nylon wheels to other temperature resistant wheels.

Stainless Steel Castors Serve the Purpose

These stainless steel castors have gained entry to food manufacturing units as well. These castors can stand up to the water and chemicals, used for keeping the environment clean. These castors are fitted out with temperature resistant wheels and are utilized in moving equipment in and out of ovens. Further, these versatile castors can be bolted to equipment and machinery, using a bolt hole castor filling or a top plate fitting. This makes them suitable for a wide range of trolleys and equipment.

Generally, stainless steel castors tick all the right boxes for both light and heavy duty applications. Moreover, these castors promise longevity and robust performance for huge numbers of years, without giving in to stains and weight load.


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