Stainless Steel Castors Help your Cause


Stainless steel castors are widely acclaimed across the globe as castors that do not catch rust or stains even in harsh environments. Thanks to these amazing properties, these castors are prominently used in a wide range of industries, ranging from medical, manufacturing, construction, and marine industries. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and climatic conditions, these stainless steel castors have been widely used across the globe.  Additionally, these castors never fall down on the yardstick of performance.

Size up your Choice of Castors

Generally, these castors are found suitable in the settings where hygiene is of the utmost importance like hospitals and operating theatres. Moreover, these ball transfer units feature non-corrosive and anti-bacterial properties, which make these castors the right pick. Additionally, these castors are available in a wide range of sizes in keeping with beds, machinery, trolleys, and equipment, among others. These stainless steel castors can stand up against extreme weather conditions and are available as nylon wheels, polyurethane wheels, temperature resistant wheels, and rubber wheels.

Find the Right and Versatile Castors

Additionally, these castors find their application in kitchens and food manufacturing units. Apart from this, these castors keep off the effects of chemicals and water splashes. Moreover, these castors are integrated with temperature-resistant wheels and are generally employed in moving the trolleys and equipment in and out of ovens. These multi-purpose gate components can be attached to machinery and equipment with a bolt hole castors fitting or a top plate fitting. This makes these castors suitable for a wide range of applications.


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